Aaron Lewis: “Do Me A Favor, Punch That Dude In The Side Of The Head… F*cking R*tard”

It’s been awhile (no pun intended) but the Aaron Lewis we all know and don’t really love is back to his usual onstage antics, once again calling for the crowd to punch somebody.

Unfortunately, this has been all too common at Aaron Lewis shows in the past year. Whether he’s screaming at the crowd to shut up and walking off stage, calling for someone in the crowd to get their ass kicked, or saying he didn’t learn Spanish because of his teacher’s boobs, he always seems to make headlines for things other than music.

But first, let me set the scene.

This past Saturday night, Aaron was performing at the Fillmore in Detroit, Michigan, and as he’s been doing for a while now, Aaron likes to end the show with a completely acoustic rendition of “Intro.” No mics, no band, no amps, just Aaron Lewis, a guitar, and complete silence. Except often times, complete silence is hard to come by.

Once again, fans were getting too loud, and once again, Aaron Lewis let them have it.

Hey, do me a favor, punch that dude right in the side of the head… I thought everybody understood what was going on… Fucking retard.”

After that, the hootin’ and hollerin’ only continued, but rather than walking off the stage as he has done in the past, Aaron was able to power through and finish the performance.

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