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Garth Brooks Refers To Eric Church As “E” & I Just Fell Out Of My Chair Laughing

What an absolute fucking whirlwind of emotions this whole Eric Church vs Garth Brooks things has been.

Absolute anger, unapologetic joy, sincere admiration, and now unfiltered comedy… it’s got everything.

Let’s start from the beginning.

We made the detailed case for EOTY, we called it bullshit when he lost, we shared the video of him calling out Garth well before anybody else did, and we shared the video of him explaining why he doesn’t give a fuck about the trophy. And now, country radio DJs are asking Garth what his thoughts are on all of this “shade.”

In a recent interview with Detroit’s NASH FM 93.1, the DJ asked him how he has managed to keep silent on the controversy:

“I know you’re not going to respond to this because you have too much class, but Church threw some shade at you and I feel like he’s violating some unwritten rule by throwing shade. Aren’t country music artists by and large known for being kind to one another, and how do you hold your tongue Garth?” 

First of all DJ guy, country music could use a little more shade. Women don’t even get played on the radio, half the music is overproduced pop garbage, and nobody says shit about it. The “one big happy family” facade, which can be true at times, is getting old. We need more honesty and less ass kissing. Country music will undoubtedly be better for it. Thank you for listening to my TED Talk.

Anyways, moving on…

In typical “Garth being Garth” fashion, he offered up some wildly entertaining thoughts:

“For one, you just don’t see it. You don’t look at it. But with ‘E’ the crazy thing was that we hugged each other right before, and all I’ve heard from him, and you might be hearing different things, but I’ve heard from him that it doesn’t bother him. But the line, ‘You pissed the wrong fans off,’ that’s perfect. Because man if our name hadn’t been called, then in Knoxville, there would have been signs everywhere. It just kind of brings you closer to your team. Those guys will keep going, and the year that he wins it will be the sweetest year for him. So I just don’t see what everybody else is seeing.”



He actually called him “E.”

Out of all of this, the entire CMA Awards, Eric Church’s jab, his incredible “Springsteen” speech, and now Garth’s response, what I’m going to take away from all of this is that Garth Brooks literally called him “E” like they’re in some weird fraternity together. I literally can’t stop laughing.

Never change G. Please, never change.

And just because we can, here’s this.

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