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Paradise Park Is Officially Coming Back To Downtown Nashville

I have such fond memories of Paradise Park, mostly because I can’t remember most of the times I’ve been there.

If you know, you know…

And while I thought I had stumbled out of there for the last time when they announced that it was closing back in the summer of 2018, it brings me immense joy to announced that one of Broadway’s biggest shit shows is officially making a comeback.

According to Eater, Paradise Park will return to its previous location within the newly established Downtown Sporting Club.

“When we conceptualized Downtown Sporting Club, we couldn’t envision how Paradise Park would work within the building,” said Benjamin Goldberg, founder and co-owner of Strategic Hospitality. “After being here for a while now and seeing how the different spaces are being used, we see an opportunity to bring it back to its original home at 411 Broadway.

Downtown Sporting Club will continue to operate as a restaurant, coffee shop, hotel and axe-throwing bar, however a portion of the first floor will be used to bring back the beloved Paradise Park.

Look for it to make its return in early December of this year.

If I see you there, first beer is on me.

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