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Busch Beer Releases 5-Foot Insulated Cooler Stocking That’ll Keep 12 Busch Lattes Ice Cold

Stockings are an integral part of Christmas decorating, but if nothing else, they’re a disingenuous display of your perfect little family. You got everybody’s name written on them, they’re perfectly hanging on the fireplace mantle, just waiting to filled with some useless bullshit like toothpaste or beef jerky.

Not anymore.

Thanks to Busch Beer and their new 5-foot cooler stocking, you’ll be filling that bad boy up with all the Busch Light you can drink.

“We know the holidays are a time when people both give and receive a ton of gifts, so the last thing they want is a stocking full of useless items that they never use,” says Daniel Blake, Senior Director of Marketing at Anheuser-Busch, “For us and our fans, it’s all about bringing the cheer along with the beer. Now you can give a gift that will not only look great on the fireplace, but also keep your Busch Beer ice cold.”

Busch calls the stocking the perfect “gag gift” this holiday season, but make no mistake, there’s nothing funny about this. We’re talking a fully-functioning cooler that’ll keep 12 of your Busch Lattes ice cold on Christmas morning.

Hell at only $20 bucks a pop, you can afford to buy enough for the entire family. We’re talking upwards of 24, 36, 48, 60, even 72 ice cold Busch Lights.

If this doesn’t sound like Christmas morning heaven, then I don’t know what does.

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