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Pabst Blue Ribbon’s 7-Foot Long, 99-Can Family Pack Is Back For The Holidays

What a great bit of news on this lovely Friday afternoon.

Those 99-packs of PBR that having been popping up all over social media? Yeah, those ones. They’re 100% real and this time, they’re coming to the United States.

According to DelishPBR is going to be distributing these glorious 99-packs in 15 states throughout the United States, with folks in Texas, Massachusetts, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Florida, New York, South Carolina, Montana, Vermont, California, Wisconsin, Iowa, Arkansas, and Colorado will be the lucky recipients.

I see you PBR, making me drive to Iowa for a 99-pack of your hipster beer. Don’t think I won’t do it. I’ll do it alright…

Anyways, the pack will run you somewhere in the neighborhood of $175 bucks, a little pricier than the standard dollar/beer ratio that you’ll find in their 30-racks, but nevertheless, at less than 2 bucks a beer, not to mention the thrill of grabbing a couple buddies to help you load that 7-foot monster into your car, I’d go ahead and get two of them.

Good luck snagging one, something tells me they won’t be on shelves for long.

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“Family” of one.

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