Browns vs Steelers Game Ends In Wild Brawl, Steelers QB Getting Smashed In The Head With His Own Helmet

A group of football players

If you went to bed early, you missed some fireworks.

I had some money on this game, but it didn’t work out. HEY YOU WIN SOME YOU FUCKING LOSE SOME RIGHT? RIGHT?


It’s what happened at the end of the game that’s the talk of the sports world this morning – Steelers QB Mason Rudolph getting hit in the head with his own helmet by Browns defensive end Myles Garrett.

Total horseshit. To use a helmet as a weapon, swinging it the way he did, is assault and goes beyond the football field. Expect to see a severe, and well-deserved, punishment for Garrett, potentially even off-the-field charges.

“That’s one of the worst things I’ve ever seen on a professional sports field.”

Cleveland won 21-7.


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