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Zac Brown Blames The Fans For Not Understanding His Sh*tty Music

Zac Brown clearly doesn’t get it.

After trying to argue that he doesn’t care what people think about him, Zac is now taking a different approach to try and explain the absolute shit shows that were his two latest albums, “The Owl” and his solo project, “The Controversy.”

And this time, he’s blaming his fans.

In a recent interview with The Tennessean, Zac said that it was “an impossibility” for people to “really listen and artistically understand my music.”

Oh, it’s impossible to listen to alright. Because it sucks.

It’s a matter of what other people have been exposed to. If all they’ve known is to hate things that are foreign to them and to not listen for something that moves them and to be open, they’re (not going to understand). I think my traveling has given me the ability to be open and take in so many different things. All of those tastes combine into making me who I am. I’ll dive deep into someone’s music and … I’ll start to realize what’s really good about something.”

Aside from you basically calling everybody stupid and uncultured, here’s the thing Zac: Your fans don’t hate your music because it’s “foreign” to them. If country music fans hated things that were “foreign” to them, Florida Georgia Line would have never become a thing, and Lil Nas X wouldn’t have been at the top of the charts for a million weeks in a row. Hell, one of country’s biggest artists, Taylor Swift, decided that she wasn’t making going to make country music anymore… and she’s still one of the biggest artists in the world. Fans are used to music that’s different. Music that pushes genres and ignites conversation. But it still has to be good. And your new stuff just ain’t good.

Zac even went on to compare himself to a “modern-day Stevie Wonder,” admitting that you “can’t please everyone.” But unfortunately with this new stuff, Zac didn’t manage to please anyone but himself, and he can’t blame that on his fans.

However, let’s pause for a second… Now that Zac has been gracious enough to instruct us on how to listen to his music with cultured ears and the artistic vision of a man who has traveled the world, let’s give “God Given” one more try…

Nope, still sucks…

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