“They Wanna Change All The Words To My Songs” – Riley Green Intros “Bury Me In Dixie” With New Song “Leave My Country Alone”

Riley Green has just about had it with the politics of country music lately.

His incredible new single, “I Wish Grandpas Never Died” recently received a radio edit changing the mic drop line “I wish country music still got played on country radio,” to “I wish George Jones still got played on country radio.”

And then last week, his southern anthem “Bury Me In Dixie,” a longtime favorite among his most loyal fans was pulled from digital music platforms. Fans and media alike both speculated that it had something to do with a lyric referencing Confederate General Robert E. Lee, however Riley said he plans to release a live acoustic version very soon, and that the lyrics won’t change. The song has since be reinstated, but either way, it’s not hard to see why Riley would be frustrated.

Not afraid to speak his mind, Riley voiced his frustrations last night with a new song he’s been working on called “Leave My Country Alone.”

“They wanna change all the words to my songs, wish they’d leave my country alone.”

He then parlayed the new song into a solo performance of “Bury Me In Dixie.”

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