Police & Security Are Literally Fighting (And Tasing) A Guy On Stage, Cody Jinks Doesn’t Miss A F*cking Note Of “Loud & Heavy”

Holy moly…

During a thunderous performance of “Loud & Heavy” in Albany, Georgia last night, some kind of altercation broke out… literally on the stage.

Security is involved, Cody’s crew is involved, MULTIPLE police officers are there, even pulling out the tasers to take down this big middle linebacker lookin’ SOB. You can’t really see what’s happening behind the rack, but it appears as though the female officer hit him with the taser and he nearly shook it off before he was taken to the ground and finally put in cuffs.

And while this whole circus is going on stage right, Cody Jinks doesn’t miss a fucking note.

Belting out “loud thunder heavy rain,” guitars driving hard, punches are being thrown, tasers are in full effect, the crowd is going fucking bonkers… it almost seems like it was scripted for dramatic effect. Could there be a more perfect song for this scene?

No idea who the drunk asshole on stage was or how this all got started, but according to some tweets and comments, a handful of fights broke out last night, the show had to be stopped multiple times, and a few (including this Frankenstein mf’er) left the venue in the back of a cop car.

As Cody Jinks said at the end of the song, “it’s been a wild one for a Thursday night.”

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