Travis Tritt Is Looking GOOD These Days

Celebrities never seem to age.

You think all those days out on the road, all those sleepless nights, one too many cold Bud Lights with the band after a gig would leave a man feeling a little haggard, but nope, many of them are still glowing like the sun.

Exhibit A: Travis Tritt.

At 56 years of age, Travis Tritt is still looking DAMN good. And, he’s still rockin’ that signature Canadian tuxedo, those glorious flowing locks, and the kind of warm inviting beard that a Robin would want to curl up and lay an egg in. I have to say, he honestly doesn’t look a day over 34…

Ok obviously that’s Brian Kelley, but at first glance, I had to do a double take.

I wasn’t the only one…

“I thought I was looking at Travis Tritt for a second LOL”

“Does he remind anyone else of a younger travis tritt?”

“I thought you were Travis Tritt”

“Travis tritt looking sob. It’s a great day to be alive Brian.”

“Dude I was scrolling and thought it was a throwback pic of Travis Tritt!!!”

“Omg, it’s Travis Tritt.”

“Travit Tritt vibes!”

It’s always a great day to be alive when you’re channeling your inner Travis Tritt.

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