Jake Owen’s “Homemade” Short Film Honoring His Grandparents Is Straight Out Of ‘The Notebook’ and a Tear-Jerker

Hot damn if you’re feelin’ sappy today I have something special for you.

Jake Owen just released a new short film for his single, “Homemade,” which tells the amazing story of his grandparents and how they built a life together.

“My grandparents’ story and how they met is truly the American love story. When I think about the love that people have had together, and I think about their story, there are plenty of songs that could be written about the love they share together,” Jake said.

The film is narrated by his actual grandparents, Jean Martin and Bryan Yancey Owen, which really sets this thing over the edge. This is straight out of The Notebook (and yes, that movie is badass).

Awesome work here by Jake and the team.

Directed by Justin Clough

We had a great time at Jake Owen’s Foundation event down in Vero Beach, FL last week. Jake, you’re a class act.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock