A person in a bathtub

New Beer Spa Features Beer-Filled Hot Tubs, Massages & All The Beer You Can Drink

Nothing beats soaking away all your troubles in a hot tub full of beer.

At Denver’s new Beer Spa, that’s exactly what you’ll get to do.

“Our main service will be Beer Bath Hydrotherapy, which is essentially a 40-minute soak in a tub filled with young beer,” says co-owner Jessica French. “It’s not fermented because there’s no yeast in there, so there’s no pungent smell, but you still get all the vitamins and nutrients from hops and barley.”

According to BusinessDen, the spa will also feature an infrared sauna infused with barley and hops, massages with a zero-gravity massage chairs that lifts your feet off the ground. And of course, they’ll have all the beer you can drink, along with wine and kombucha.

Similar concepts have opened in Portland, and here in Chicago.

Literally, what could be better than drinking beer in a hot tub full of beer? I’ll wait…

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock