Old Dominion’s “I’ll Roll” Is The Offer Every Free-Spirited Woman Is Looking For

I write a lot about having commitment issues and always running from relationships. If I was going to psychoanalyze myself, I’d say it stems from the fear that someone is going to keep me from doing what I want. I tend to be pretty spontaneous and I like to travel as much as possible. Last week I booked a flight 14 hours before it was set to take off with no real set plans for when I got to my destination. This is normal behavior for me. I don’t usually tell anyone where I’m going, then my friends play, “Where in the world is Erin?” based on my social media.

Most guys claim to be okay with this. It sounds really exciting and fun, they like that I’m always down for an adventure. They act like they are all for it when I tell them it’s not going to change. They go along with it for a little while, but soon they start to realize I am quick to choose a trip over spending time with them. As soon as they start complaining, that’s my cue to get out. I told them it wasn’t going to change.

There are a lot of songs about both sides of this situation. Songs from the woman’s perspective. Songs from the man’s perspective admiring this type of woman. Songs from the man’s perspective about being sad the woman left. So on and so forth. But for the most part, the message suggests to just let her go and move on. I have been in full support of this message for a long time, but now I might be willing to accept another offer.

Last Friday, Old Dominion released their third album. These guys can’t write a bad song. Whether you like their style of country music or not, you can’t deny their songwriting talent. One song stood out to me in particular, titled “I’ll Roll.” This song takes a slightly different perspective on this situation where, instead of just crying about her leaving or just talking about how great she is from afar, this view offers to ride along.

Now, I have to admit, in real life, I would still be pretty skeptical of this offer. I like my adventures and I like them to go how I want. Whenever someone offers to go with me, the first thing I think is how they’re going to want to change things or control things or I won’t be able to do what I had originally intended. Thoughtfully, this song takes all of that into consideration. As this guy makes his case about coming along, he offers to be nothing but helpful and just there to ride along for some company. “I just wanna read a couple highway signs, ain’t got no tie-you-down plans.” No strings attached. If someone did this, my interest might increase.

Most importantly, the guy in this song is well aware that this likely won’t be a long-term thing and kindly notes that you can basically kick him out whenever. I think my favorite line in the whole song is this… “I just wanna burn down a road I ain’t ever been down. When the gas in the tank or my welcome runs out, I’ll roll.” I appreciate the acknowledgement that this might only be for a short time and then when I’m done with it, that’s the end.

If you’re “looking for a little bit of wild and free,” this might be how you find it.

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