Jon Langston’s “Cigarettes And Me” Is A Solid Tribute To Blue Collar Dads Gone Too Soon

There are a lot of songs about dads passing away, but most of them are really sad. I guess given the subject matter, that’s to be expected. However, as someone who knows this personally, it’s really nice to be able to think about the good memories that you have instead of just focusing on the fact that they’re gone.

The last song on Jon Langston’s new EP, titled “Cigarettes And Me,” helps to do this. The lyrics paint a picture of a dad and a son fixing up an old truck. When you listen, you can see the whole thing play out, and in my mind, I see my dad’s face in the whole thing. The song is sort of review of lessons learned and memories made all revolving around the truck. I couldn’t help but smile as I listened. Then it’s just a real subtle line about “talking to this stone,” that brings it all back around.

I have a lot of appreciation for this song. Though I do enjoy listening to those sad songs when I want to be sad. These days, I’m more interested in remembering all the good times and appreciating the things he taught me while he could.

So if you’re looking for something that might help you pull up some good memories of spending time with your dad, this song might help.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock