The Secret Behind The Rock’s World-Class Workouts? Tequila And Raw Hot Dogs

Actor, producer, professional wrestler, entrepreneur, country music fan, tequila connoisseur… Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson might be the baddest dude on planet Earth.

We’ve talked about his exceptional taste in country music, we’ve talked about his highly-anticipated new tequila that we can’t wait to try, but let’s take a look into one more aspect of The Rock’s life, and one of the most import ones. The workout. But, more specifically, what The Rock is using in the Iron Paradise to give him that competitive edge.

He gave his fans a look inside his gym bag the other day and some of the items in there might surprise you, but there’s two in particular, two things that you need to incorporate into your fitness regimen ASAP.

Raw Hot Dogs

Or rather, Lions Dogs. Made from the intestines and blood of lions. High protein, quality stuff.


It’s the only pre-workout you need. The Rock’s own anejo tequila that should be hitting shelves sometime early next year. Get VERY excited.

Check out the full video to see what else The Rock keeps in the gym bag.

Oh, and it looks like he’s a Whiskey Riffer.

The Rock is smart. Be like The Rock.

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