Keith Urban & Eric Church Team Up For “We Were” Remix And Yeah, It’s Better Than The Original

Many times, a remix just doesn’t quite hold up to the original song. This is not one of those times.

For the first time since “Raise ‘Em Up,” Keith and Eric are together again, collaborating on a duet that Eric himself wrote. However, when Keith cut it, he didn’t know that Eric was the songwriter.

““I didn’t know he was a writer, which was really cool, because it wasn’t until we recorded the song, it was all done, and I found out after the fact,” Keith tells iHeart Radio. “I found out and I called Eric, and I was like, ‘Dude, I just cut this song.’ He was thrilled. I said, ‘I had no idea that you were a writer on it.'”

However for Eric, he believes that songs always end up right where they’re supposed to be.

“I didn’t send Keith the song and say, ‘Here’s a song I wrote.’ He found it, and honestly, it fits him more than it fits me… I truly believe songs find the path that they’re supposed to find, and one was supposed to be with him.”

Everything just sounds better with Eric Church on it, doesn’t it?

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