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Georgia Man’s Mooning Pumpkin Scarecrow Gets Shut Down By Offended Neighbors

A Georgia man got a little creative with his Halloween display this year, but according to the pearl-clutching board members of his Home Owners Association, he went too far.

According to CBS46, Mike O’Neill has been decorating his hard with the mooning pumpkin man since 2008, but this year, it was shut down in less than 24 hours.

“It was suppose to break up the monotony of life, just make people laugh and have a little fun,” O’Neill said. “I took his pumpkin rear end out and put up a sign that said ‘censored by GBHOA’ because they demanded that we take it down… I’m acquiescing but I’m gonna have fun with it.”

However now, O’Neill says they’re cooking up something better for Christmas.

Gimme a break…

Mike is just trying to bring a little Halloween fun to obviously stuffy as fuck neighborhood they live in, and of course, somebody is offended. I bet these HOA board members are a real hoot at parties. Actually, I bet they don’t even have parties because that would violate some other type of bullshit HOA rules. Of all the shit going on in the world, all the negativity, all the real-life problems, and fucking Karen over here is getting worked up over a pumpkin butt. God-forbid little Aiden or Hayden or Brayden, or whatever people are naming kids these days sees pumpkin man’s ass. Apparently, he’ll be scarred for life, starting dealing heroin and 15, in jail by 18, and dead at 25… all because of a pumpkin butt.

Welcome to 2019 everybody… where everyone is offended and the reasons don’t matter.

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