Cody Jinks Bares His Soul In Vulnerable New “Never Alone Always Lonely”

Cody Jinks has done it again.

Not only did he release two albums on back-to-back weeks, he released two albums, both of which deserve to be in the conversation for album of the year. And just like After The Fire, The Wanting also features another co-write with Rebecca Jinks, Cody’s wife.

Titled “Never Alone Always Lonely,” this gut-wrenching new track finds Cody opening up to his fans about just how difficult his life can be, both in the fears of being out on the road, and the ironic loneliness that comes with notoriety and fame.

Being on the road, being at home. Being scared to death and feeling alone on a stage in front of a lot of people, or being at home, knowing your family needs your time. This one is another one my wife Rebecca helped me write because she’s seen both sides of my job: the guy on the road with the family at home, and the guy that just wants to be left alone that wants no one to see him – living in a whirlwind, fast train, and just trying to give everything to everyone you can and how taxing it is. This song is another representation of what our families go through.”

It’s introspective, it’s vulnerable, it’s honest… it’s everything that country music should be.

Here’s a few more that immediately grabbed my attention.

“The Plea”

“Wounded Mind”

“The Raven and The Dove”

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