Snoop Dogg Pays A Guy $50,000 A Year To Follow Him Around & Roll Blunts

When you’re rich you start paying people to do stuff for you. When you’re stupid rich, the list of people you pay to do things for you gets even longer. It’s not about being lazy, it’s all about time. Time is money, and for Snoop Dogg, he doesn’t have the time to roll his own blunts anymore. He’s got a blunt guy, a very well-paid blunt guy.

Snoop stopped by Howard Stern recently, along with Seth Rogan, and revealed that he pays his blunt guy $50,000 dollars a year to follow him around and roll him blunts. He travels with Snoop, goes to restaurants with Snoop, when Snoop gets free shit, blunt guy gets free shit. He basically has no expenses, all the weed he could ever want, and gets paid $50K a year to be Snoop’s buddy. He’s living the dream.

“If you’re great at something that I need, I’m hiring.”

What if you’re aggressively average at mundane, uncomplicated tasks, and not really too great at one particular thing? What does that pay a year Snoop? I think many of us would like to know…

They also dropped some knowledge for first-time users.

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