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High School Students Raising Money To Get Janitor New Pickup Truck

Props to these fellas.

A couple of high school students from Jasper High School in Alabama have started a GoFundMe page for the school janitor, Travis Kennedy, in order to get the incredibly hard-working and beloved man a brand new pickup truck.

Sophomores Sam Hice and Preston Reed started the whole thing.

“I never knew I was living like that. You know, you didn’t know you were impacting them. I didn’t know I was impacting them. But, you know, you got to live truthful. You’ve got to be honest. You have to try to do things right. And I was made to do that,” says Kennedy to CBS 42.

“He’s always been such a hard worker and we really admire him,” Hice said.

Kennedy has been making the 20-mile drive to and from school in a beat up old truck, and the kids knew they had to help out. They started the GoFundMe page, trying to raise $20,000. As of right now, it sits at over $14,000 – click here to donate.

A tip of the cap to these students’ parents – raising them right. Nice work.

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