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Gretchen Wilson Kicked Out Of New Mexico Hotel, Police Called To Remove Her

Gretchen is here for the party alright… a party that was apparently raging in her New Mexico hotel room.

According to ABC 7 KVIA, Gretchen Wilson was in Las Cruces, New Mexico, to perform at a country music festival, however after her headlining performance over the weekend, the police were called to escort her off the property for being to loud.

“We went up there multiple times in the past half hour,” an employee said in the 911 call. “So, then I went up there and she said that she was a celebrity, but I forgot to get her name. Gretchen something. She participated in the Country Music Festival. Her words was ‘I paid for the room, I can care less what people think,’ so my manager said call PD… there was no music or television she was just being super loud.”

Police later arrived on scene after 3am to serve Wilson with a no-trespassing card, however since she voluntarily left, it was never given to her.

Wilson responded to the incident on Twitter.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that Gretchen has gotten a little too rowdy. Back in August of 2018, Gretchen was arrested at Bradley International Airport in Connecticut for causing a disturbance.

Do you remember that whole “I ain’t leavin’ till they throw me out” line in “Here For The Party”? Welp, this is what it looks like when they throw her out.

Gotta love a songwriter that tells the truth…

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