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Veteran Suicide Awareness: Travis Hikes Around Lake Michigan

Marine Walks Over 800 Miles Around Lake Michigan To Raise Awareness For Veteran Suicide

People helpin’ people – it’s a beautiful thing.

Marine Veteran Travis Snyder just walked over 800 miles around Lake Michigan to promote awareness for veteran suicide. Travis served in Afghanistan “as a corporal from October 2017 to April 2018.”

The Department of Veterans Affairs says over 20 veterans commit suicide every day. After Travis lost one of his Marine brothers, he wanted to make people aware of a real issue that deserves serious attention.

Travis waled for 42 days to complete the trip – in all, he walked a total of 810 miles. The news of his journey quickly spread on a national level, with others joining in to help finish the walk, and tons of major news outlets documenting the amazing mission.

He posted the following message on Facebook at the conclusion of his trek:

This is it.

810 miles around Lake Michigan.

Six weeks ago I quietly took off from Manistee, Michigan, embarking on the adventure of a lifetime. I didn’t advertise what I was doing, I didn’t ask anyone for anything. My original intent was to camp out each night, and find my way around the Big Lake. Heck, I even sold my Jeep just to fund this endeavor, lol. All I wanted was to put in the work, and complete this mission that was put on my heart. But so many good-hearted people reached out, ready to support this mission in their own way, and I’m beyond thankful for it.

In a matter of weeks, we have accomplished a tremendous feat together; We amplified a message. We gave a voice to what was merely a whisper, and we turned it into a roar. Mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters were looking for help, healing and answers, and we helped them find that through building this community of warriors that are ready to combat any challenge that stands before us. No one will ever fight alone.

If you’re struggling with Suicide today, I want you to know that you have a purpose, and reason for living this life, this gift that you’ve been given. You’re needed, you’re loved, and you belong here with me. With us.

If you’re learning how to heal and grieve after losing a loved one, please know that you are not alone. Know that there are others here that are ready to grieve with you, and also help you move forward in healing your wounds.

If you don’t empathize with the epidemic on a personal level, know that there’s still a way that you can save a life; and that is by being present for someone when they’re hurting. You don’t have to have all the answers, you don’t have to be a counselor or a Doctor. Just start with the little things; a wave, a smile, a simple “hello” will go a long ways in not only saving the life of one who’s struggling, but also the life of those that would’ve been affected by that loss, that void.

I’ll be keeping the Facebook page active, and posting updates from time to time, and also sharing info about resources that are available for those struggling with mental health challenges. I’d like to thank Mission 22 for the opportunity to be an ambassador for their organization. Check them out!

Thank you all for following my adventure, and for being here through it all. Much Love. ????????

Thank you for your service, Travis.

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