Science Finally Proves White Claw Gets You Drunk Quicker, Gives Less Of A Hangover, Keeps You More Hydrated

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We didn’t need a doctor or a new study to tell us this, but here we are.

Dr. Niket Sonpal, M.D., is an “internist, gastroenterologist, and faculty member at the Touro College of Medicine” and recently gave some info to Bustle about why that White Claw hangover is much different.

1. First off, yes, you are actually staying more hydrated by drinking White Claw or a low-sugar hard seltzer.

2. Also, the lack of sugar is why you typically aren’t in the fetal position the day after a bunch of Claws. Less sugar, less hungover – usually.

3. However, you do get drunk quicker from hard seltzers (I’ve tested this, very true). The reason is because anything carbonated will be absorbed into the blood quicker – that’s why “we only had 12 White Claws” usually means you were really blind, actually, and maybe even embarrassed yourself. Shit happens.

4. Lastly, White Claw doesn’t contain congeners (chemicals produced during alcohol production that you don’t want). Congeners are in dark liquors, dark beers, red wine, etc. So, if you’re one of those people that gets a worse hangover from whiskey, heavy beers, red wine, it’s actually a thing, and there’s a real reason behind it.

Clear liquors and light beers, hard seltzers, and white wine, should technically give less of a hangover.

After the age of 26 everything gives you a nice hangover if you drink enough of it. That’s a personal study I’ve done the last 4+ years.

Read more of the science from Dr. Niket Sonpal here.

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