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Zac Brown Sues One Republic’s Ryan Tedder Over A Song He Gave To Diplo

More controversy is on the horizon for Zac Brown (pun very much intended).

According to TMZ, Zac Brown filed a lawsuit against One Republic’s Ryan Tedder over a song that Zac claims he properly owns the rights to.

The lawsuit alleges that Zac began working with Tedder on a song called “Nowhere Left To Go” in March of 2018. Under the agreement that Zac would remain in control of the rights to the song, Zac sent Tedder his finalized (or close to finalized) version of the song in June, however Tedder said that he had since sent the beat to Diplo and that he didn’t realize Zac still wanted it. Tedder’s team asked Zac to hold off on using the song, but Zac put it out anyway.

The song was released on Zac Brown’s solo album The Controversy, however Tedder submitted a takedown request claiming copyright infringement, and it has since been removed from streaming services. Zac sued.

To be honest, I don’t remember what the song sounds like and I can’t listen to it now, but letting it go would probably be for the best Zac. Actually, probably letting that whole solo project go would be for the best.

Stay tuned…

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