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Brothers Osborne’s Live Performance Of “Love The Lonely Out Of You” Will Knock You On Your A**

Holy shit…

If you remember back to Brothers Osborne’s original 2014 self-titled EP, you remember the absolute baby-maker of a song called “Love The Lonely Out Of You.” Well, Brothers Osborne just dropped their incredible Live At The Ryman record and the live performance of it is really something to behold.

We’re talkin’ knock-you-on-your-ass good.

And, if “Love The Lonely Out Of You” will knock you on your ass, “Stay A Little Longer” will melt your face off the second you get back to your feet.

I’ve always said Brothers Osborne is one of the best live acts in the business and after listening to this record, I refuse to believe anything otherwise. These guys are as good as it gets.

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A beer bottle on a dock