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Girl Falls Through Glass Table Dancing To Hardy’s “My Kinda Livin’,” Needs Stitches

I have listened to Hardy’s collaboration album, Hixtape Vol 1, many times since it came out, but I have to be honest, never quite like this.

A woman shared a video of her dancing (and vaping) to Hardy’s “My Kinda Livin” on a glass coffee table in the middle of her living room. At the end of the video, the glass shatters out of no where and she jumps off.

I went to her Instagram to see if there was more to the story, there definitely was. She posted an update from a hospital room with a caption about getting stitches. Hardy shared the video with the caption “#girlsonelevatedsurfaces #mykindastitches” and she responded with “HARDY reposted me and I’m fucking crying HAHAHH.” Looks like she’ll be just fine.

Dancin’ your way through glass tables? It doesn’t get much rednecker than that.

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#girlsonelevatedsurfaces #mykindastitches

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