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Coors Light Releases Jonas Brothers Bottles Because I Guess 14-Year-Old Girls Drink Beer Now

Jonas Brothers and Coors Light… a match made in… I don’t know, somewhere?

It’s no secret that the Jonas Brothers are fans of Coors Light, and who could blame them? It’s great stuff. Joe even specifically requested that Coors would be served at his wedding. A good call, I’m fixing to do the same at my wedding next year. So the real question here is for Coors… what in the fuck are you doing putting the Jonas Brothers on a bottle of beer? Did it suddenly become legal for 14-year-old girls to drink in America? What kind of fanbase are we looking to attract with the JoBros on the side of the bottle? I don’t get it…

According to Coors, the Jonas Brothers batch will be available in mid-November, for a limited time, in BostonPhiladelphiaChicagoNashville and Tampa. The pop trio even went out to the Coors Brewery to help with the batch.

“We are long-time fans of Coors Light and were really excited to be invited out to the Coors brewery,” said the Jonas Brothers. “We can’t wait for our fans to try the limited edition six-packs of Coors Light that we helped to brew. And it’s pretty amazing that our faces are on the iconic mountains on the bottle.”

Ummm fellas, don’t think too many of your fans are going to be trying it…

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I mean, this kind of says it all…

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