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This 90’s Country Drinking Game Is The Best Worst Thing To Ever Happen To Your Liver

It doesn’t get any better than 90’s country for me.

It’s what I grew up on, and I know the same goes for many of you. I was listening to Whiskey Riff‘s unbeatable Saved by 90’s Country playlist when I realized this playlist was too damn good to not have a drinking game to go with it.

Sure, summer is over, but who cares. You can still drink outside and when the sun is out. It’s perfectly OK, just grab a hoodie.

The rules for the game are below. Shuffle-play the playlist at then end of the rules, and let the good times roll. Proceed with caution.

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1. Take a sip when there’s an alcohol reference in a song.

2. When “Chattahoochee” comes on everyone get really happy and take a sip.

3. If someone messes up the lyrics to “Chattahoochee” while singing along, they do a shot.

4. Take a sip whenever the artist singing had a mullet.

5. Take a shot of tequila any time a George Strait song comes on.

6. When someone in the room says “I miss (insert artist’s name)” take a sip.

7. If a Shania song comes on, the girls do a cheers and take a sip, while the guys all do a shot.

8. When “It’s A Great Day To Be Alive” comes on, any guy with facial hair takes a drink.

9. Whenever Brooks & Dunn come on and you get sad FGL and Bebe Rexha broke records with “Meant To Be” take a shot and pour a little out.

10. When “Strawberry Wine” comes on, take 17 sips of your drink when Deana Carter sings the “SEVENTEEN” part.

11. Chug a dad beer (Bud Diesel, Hamm’s, Busch Heavy, etc) if available when Joe Diffie comes on.

12. When “Two Dozen Roses” comes on, drink an old bottle of wine.

13. When Shania says “let’s go girls” everybody shotguns a White Claw.

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A beer bottle on a dock