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New Study Determines Which States Have The Highest Beer Tolerance & Arizona Is Leading The Pack

Arizona might be the biggest heavyweights when it comes to packing away the ice cold beers, but where does the rest of the U.S. fall?

According to a new survey from Alcohol.org, it takes the average beer drinker in Arizona 4.04 beers to feel a buzz while folks in Hawaii only need about 2.71 beers to get the same feeling. The survey consisted of over 2,580 respondents answering the question: “how many 4.5% ABV beers does it take for you to start to feel drunk?” The averages were shockingly low.

Arizona and Michigan led the way at 4.04 and 4.02 beers, respectively, followed by Maine at 3.88, Wisconsin at 3.88, and Missouri at 3.87.

The biggest lightweights in the country are, for the most part found out West with Hawaii leading at 2.71, followed by Idaho at 2.75, Arkansas at 2.90, Montana at 2.92, and California at 2.96.

Less than 3 beers and you’re drunk? C’mon California, be better.

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