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New St. Louis Bar Charges By The Hour, Not By The Drink

St. Louis, for possibly the first and only time, has officially peaked my curiosity.

A new bar called Open Concept is changing the way folks typically get drunk, well not so much as in the way, but how you pay. According to Maxim, Open Concept doesn’t charge for individual drinks, they charge you by the hour.

For a measly $10 bucks an hour ($20 for top shelf), which is pretty much the price of one drink here in Chicago, you can drink yourself silly, and then just leave after an hour. The bar serves your standard menu of beer, wine, mixed drinks and liquor.

Michael Butler, the owner of Open Concept, told KMOV: “This place is different because you’re buying time instead of the drinks. Open concept is the first of its kind in the region and the state of Missouri.”

Oh, and if you get too fucked up, because let’s be honest, all-you-can-drink type of deals tend to equal a whole mess of really drunk people, bartenders will serve you up an ice cold Pedialyte.

Sounds like a deal to me.

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