Zach Bryan Busts Out The Harmonica, Debuts The Show-Stopper, “Rest, Rose”

He’s done it again.

Viral sensation, Zach Bryan, busted out the harmonica and debuted a new song “Rest, Rose” which is another show-stopper. Simply put, the music this dude makes comes from the soul. You feel it.

There is NO bullshit fluff here – this songwriting is spectacular, and continues to grow.

In a series of tweets, he explained the song’s origin, and what the fans can expect moving forward.

I wrote “Rest, Rose” for some closure in a long line of dark, regrettable decisions I’ve made in my life. I pray people will just let me have this bright beat of happiness and hope for a moment. Thank God for the bullets I’ve dodged and for a woman who accepts me regardless.

I hope everyone who hears my music can see past the front of social media and understand who I am at an honest, human level. I use music as a way to escape this mess I’ve become and I don’t for a second want some dramatic bullshit to weaken that. Stay steady, more music is coming.

I feel incredibly blessed in life lately. I am in a good place mentally, and I feel good. But I’ve been working seriously long shifts at work and writing more than I have in my life. I’m gonna’ take a break and a breather before this little tour in November. I love you guys.

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A beer bottle on a dock