Tyler Childers Announces Upcoming Acoustic EP – ‘Tyler Childers: Reimagined’

We’re barely even 2 months removed from the launch of his massive sophomore album, Country Squire, and Tyler is already giving the fans more.

Teaming up with Apple Music, Tyler will be releasing an acoustic EP titled, Tyler Childers: Reimagined, along with a short film that will take you behind the scenes and into the studio where Tyler makes the magic happen.

“I sat around a lot with my dad, around hunting clubs, and outside of church and barbershops, listening to fellas older than me tell tall tales and flat-out lies. I guess some of that rubbed off on me,” says Childers of the new project. “First and foremost, I write for myself and my own sanity, and from there I write a lot of love songs for Senora.”

The Tyler Childers: Reimagined EP, along with the in-studio film will be available exclusively on Apple Music on October 18th.

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