Zac Brown: “I’m Not Just A Country Artist… Leave Me Alone About The Other Ones Because I Don’t Really Care”

Zac finally speaks.

After dropping his new album The Owl and the surprise solo project The Controversy, both with little to no press beforehand, Zac Brown opened up to CBS This Morning about everything that’s been happening on this musical journey.

He talked about the new album, being labeled by one genre, his divorce, and writing songs that move people.

“It was for me, I decided two years ago that there were just parts of myself that I didn’t want to be anymore. Some morning of being on the road, you wake up with some headaches… so that’s not anymore. My life’s not about that anymore. I think it’s important to be vulnerable and be yourself, and just be real. I don’t want to be around things that aren’t real anymore and I’m trying to engineer my life to things that have soul. The things that I create, some of them are fun, and some are me bleeding my soul and my life and my hardship out in a song.”

My favorite vulnerable, soulful, REAL lyrics from Zac recently are:

“Gucci bag, stacks on stacks, Diamonds fill up the champagne glass…”

oh, and…

“I can’t be your Tom Cruise bitch, I’m Patrick Swayze. Every time I get a new bitch, I need a new bitch. I’m about to ghost on you bitch.”

Anyways, he completed the interview by saying that he is NOT just a country artist and that he doesn’t care what people think about it.

“I’m not just a country artist, I’m not. I have to create what moves me and what connects with my fans and I don’t really care about the buckets… but I don’t like being coined as a country artist, I just like being an artist. Purists, I get ’em, they should just listen to the songs of mine that are more country and leave me alone about all the other ones because I don’t really care what they have to say about them.”

Pretty sure the fans aren’t connecting with this one, but whatever Zac, you do you.

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