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“Dad’s Blood Pressure Just Went Through The Roof” – Eric Church Performs Twins Gender Reveal

It’s a…

While performing “Some Of It” in Grand Rapids, Michigan last night, Eric caught sight of a sign in the crowd that read “Twins Gender Reveal?”

Eric was happy to oblige.

“As we talk about what “some of it” is, what I’m about to do is some of it,” said Church before opening the envelope. “It’s like the CMAs right here.”

He opened the envelope to reveal two ultrasound pics and the news that the Estis family would be having twin girls.

“Dad’s blood pressure just went through the roof right there. Congratulations to you both very much”

Packing stadiums, playing 3+ hour solo sets, donating $10 grand to little girls, revealing the genders of babies… how are you going to act like this man is not the Entertainer of the Year?

It sounds crazy but we actually had Eric church do our gender reveal tonight!

Posted by Kyle Estis on Friday, October 4, 2019

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