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Oklahoma State Fans Finish “Friends in Low Places” When Stadium Turns Off Song During Game

You may not know this, but Garth Brooks attended Oklahoma State University where he was a pretty damn good athlete (track and field/javelin). I know – it’s weird picturing ultimate dad guy Garth doing track and field…

Anyways, during last week’s game against Kansas State, Boone Pickens Stadium began playing “Friends in Low Places,” only to have the song cut off to resume game play. The fans did the rest, finishing the verse ahead of a 26-13 win.

BLAME IT ALL ON MY ROOTS: The song stopped for the game to pick back up, but Garth Brooks is one of us (an Oklahoma State University alum and Cowboys fan)… so this sea of orange finished Friends in Low Places strong even after the music stopped. ????Go Pokes! ????????????KOTV – News On 6

Posted by Tess Maune on Saturday, September 28, 2019

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A beer bottle on a dock