Cody Jinks Tripped On Psychedelic Mushrooms Writing Introspective “Ain’t A Train”

You’re looking to open up the brain tank, try some magic mushrooms. For Cody Jinks’ latest album, that’s exactly what he did.

This introspective new one titled “Ain’t A Train” comes to us from After The Fire, and features one helluva fantastic fiddle solo. You know fiddle right? That instrument that you don’t really hear in “country” music anymore.

Anyways, “Ain’t A Train” has quite the interesting back story from Cody and co-writer Josh Morningstar.

“Josh Morningstar and I wrote this one in the same little writing room near the Adobe Room at the Sonic Ranch where Tom McElvain and I wrote ‘Grey,'” says Jinks of the song. “We were talking about how it tripped us out at how well both of our careers were going, and how hard we have to work on the craft to stay on top of the writing. We talked about how much it takes out of us holding on the way we do – and that we expect the rug to be yanked out from under us at any time. But then again, maybe the light at the end of the tunnel Ain’t a Train.”

Co-writer Josh Morningstar’s take on how the song came to be was a little more colorful.

“All I remember about the writing of this song is Cody and I eating some psychedelic mushrooms, going into one of the little studios at the Sonic Ranch, and coming out with this song. I do remember he and I standing there and us pointing out the stack of charred wood left over from a bonfire that became the cover of the record. Other than that I just remember having a damn good time, tripping our faces off, and writing a real, uptempo song with one of my best friends. I dig the overall vibe of this one – it has that “Hippies & Cowboys” kinda drive to it. This is one I think the Flockers are gonna dig.”

Mushrooms? Can we get Cody on a Joe Rogan podcast?

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