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Fox 13/Pinellas County Sheriff's Office

Florida Woman Arrested For DUI After Drinking White Claws While Driving, Says But “They’re Only 5%”

There are laws when drinking White Claws.

A Florida (shocker) woman was arrested last week and charged with a DUI after getting pulled over completely disheveled (“skirt was sideways and her shoes were off” the deputy said), with the smell of White Claw all over her breath.

She refused a breathalyzer but failed multiple field sobriety tests, adding “I had a drink at noon and two while driving home – well, in the car. They are only 5%.”

Only 5%!? That’s how those things wreck your shit. They go down like La Croix and fuck your world up. White Claws are sneaky dangerous – one minute you’re drinking carbonated water, the next you’re eating spaghetti with your bare hands.

Don’t drink and drive, asshats.

h/t Fox 13

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