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What Does Your Favorite Nashville Bar Say About You?

One of the great things about Nashville is that there are bars for just about everybody. Whether it’s a dive bar or a honky tonk, a tourist trap or a local treasure, Nashville has a bar that will fit your style.

But what does your favorite Nashville bar say about you?


You’re a big fan of classic country music like Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean, so you came to Nashville to go to a “real honky tonk”. You paid the band $20 to play Wagon Wheel while you drink Mich Ultras and talk about how this is “the real Nashville experience.” You eat at chain restaurants like Hard Rock Café and Cheesecake Factory when you go on vacation, and go back to your small town to tell all your friends about how you saw “the next Taylor Swift” playing right there on Broadway.

Honky Tonk Central

You and your “pack of dudes” drove in from a nearby state school. You’re all dressed exactly the same. You pound Fireball shots like it’s still cool, and after you get kicked out for trying to fight the bouncer, you’ll make your Uber driver take you to Cook Out, where you’ll probably end up punching somebody in the face out of sexual frustration because none of your group could get laid.

FGL House

You’re in town for a bachelorette party and you bought 3-for-1 cowboy boots so you could dress like the locals do. You hit up Broadway for some vodka sodas after a long day on a pedal tavern or party wagon, then do Jello shots until you throw up in an Uber on the way back to your hotel. Your favorite country artists are Taylor Swift and Florida Georgia Line (duh), but you lose your fucking mind when the Backstreet Boys come on. Woooo!

Santa’s Pub

You have at least some standards when you’re sober but once you’re shitfaced, all bets are off. You bum cigarettes from your friends when you’re drunk because you “only smoke when you drink.” You have a history of falling asleep at the bar, but you don’t give a fuck because you like to party. You always know when you should go home but fuck that because you have to sing “Friends in Low Places” with this sketchy-looking biker dude you just made friends with in the bathroom.

LA Jackson

You have to get some good shots from the rooftop for your Instagram – after all, you’re an influencer. This is your favorite bar because it reminds you of that place you went in NYC that one time, and the honky tonks on Broadway just aren’t your scene. You take pictures of your charcuterie plate and your rosé so you can post about them on your blog (that nobody really reads) when you get home.


You moved to Nashville in 2013 and you like to tell people how much better it was when you got here and that tourists are ruining this city. You’re probably wearing a flannel shirt and a beanie even though it’s summer, and you won’t stop playing Tame Impala on the jukebox. You talk about craft beer and your favorite IPAs to try to impress that girl with the blue hair and the nose ring. Maren Morris is sitting right beside you, but you don’t know who that is because you’re “not big on country.”

Tin Roof (Midtown)

You go to Vanderbilt, and you make sure that you tell it to every drunk tourist you meet because, hey, maybe it’ll actually help you get lucky someday. You get pissed when somebody spills beer on your button-down shirt and boat shoes, and you remind the bouncer that your dad’s a lawyer as he’s kicking you out of the bar. Other favorite bars include Two Bits, Loser’s, and Dawg House, and you were devastated when Piranha’s closed because that was the only place that would let you drink underage.

Or, you’re Chris Young.

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