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Taco Bell Releases Crazy-Spicy Reaper Ranch Tortilla Chips & My Mouth Isn’t Ready For It

Move over Flamin’ Hots, there’s a new sheriff in town.

Well, maybe… I’m not going to be the one to light my own asshole on fire, even if it’s in the name of science, to find out. Nope, not gonna happen. Someone else try them and let me know if they’re really as hot as they claim to be and I’ll adjust this article accordingly.

Announced today, Taco Bell has officially launched their new super-spicy Reaper Ranch Tortilla Chips, which according to their press release, pack some serious heat. Infused with real Carolina reaper peppers (some of the hottest in the world), the new chip hits with a blast of cool ranch flavor initially, before the heat takes over and burns your mouth with the fire of a thousand suns.

“We’ve seen our fans incorporate chips into entrees, sprinkled on salads and, of course, enjoyed as the best grab-and-go snack,” said Taco Bell’s Senior Director of Retail Engagement and Experience, Jennifer Arnoldt. “No one expected us to come out with a flavor hotter than Diablo, and we’re excited to show our fans that we’re constantly innovating when it comes to giving them access to the Taco Bell flavors they know and love in unique and unexpected new ways.”

Have a large gallon of milk (or maybe even the whole cow) on standby.

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