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Miranda Lambert On Rock ‘N’ Roll Tone Of New Album: “I’m Just Back B*tches”

If you don’t love Miranda Lambert, I don’t know what to tell you. She’s unquestionably one of the best we got.

Miranda previewed her upcoming album at Nashville’s Exit/In last night, and aside from a slew of badass performances, Miranda dove deep into some of her inspirations and motivations for the new project. She talked about songwriting, being in New York, and being married, but she also shared some insight into dropping longtime producer Frank Liddell (who gave her his blessing) in favor of the rock stylings of Jay Joyce.

“I called Jay Joyce. I knew that I needed to approach this record with the same energy and heart and open-mindedness that I approached my first record in 2005 called Kerosene. I wanted to be open and pushed and Jay was able to do that. I feel like in a way I reinvented a new rock ‘n’ roll sound for myself when I hear these songs. Also, in a way I’ve revisited the rock ‘n’ roll sound as a musician in the first place … My husband was playing “Mess With My Head” in the car and right after it “Kerosene” came on and I was like, ‘This isn’t a departure at all. I’m just back, bitches.'”

Wildcard drops on November 1st. Mark your calendars people, this one is going to be special.

h/t Billboard

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