Nashville’s BNA Airport Carpet Has A Fashion Line & It’s As Jaw-Dropping As You’d Imagine

Nashville International Airport, AKA BNA, is known for pretty much one thing… aside from virtually nowhere to get a fucking airport beer, it has extremely butt-ugly carpeting.

However, despite its cruel looks, the carpet has managed to gather a cult-like following, an official Instagram following over 20,000 people, and even petitioners desperately trying to save it (they plan to remove it all by 2023). However, all of that now pales in comparison to the BNA Fashion line, and I’m not talking about shirts that say “BNA.”

That’s right people, somebody is actually selling clothing items with America’s ugliest, yet most loveable, airport floor as its primary, and dare I say only, inspiration. The prestigious Ray Reid Fashion offers everything from hoodies and socks, to ties and yoga pants featuring the hobo-ish print of BNA’s infamous brown and tan carpet.

I don’t even know what real life is anymore…

If you want your clothes you’re actually going to wear outside of Halloween, make sure to check out the official Whiskey Riff Shop.

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