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Sam Hunt Confirms Album Is Almost Done, New Single Will Be Out This Year

It’s more or less official… Sam Hunt is back.

He was spotted in the studio with notable session guitarist Brent Mason earlier this past week, and then debuted a new song titled “Sinning With You” at the Bud Light House Party Tour in Calgary on Thursday.

All signs point to new music on the horizon, but in a recent interview with ET Canada, Sam Hunt finally delivered some confirmation.

“About a year ago I decided I was going to write a record and whatever comes of it, I’m going to put out. So yeah, we’ve gone in and recorded 4 songs this week, and I have got several more to record and plan on turning it in by the 1st of the year. But we’ll have a single out before the end of this year.”

When asked if the album was going to lean more pop and R&B or would he walk it back closer to his country roots, Sam alluded to a mixture of both fun songs, and deeper reflective songs.

“There are some songs like “Body Like A Back Road,” that character was on my first record too on songs like “House Party.” Sometimes I’ll take it way too serious and then I’ll completely slingshot to the other side which is where songs like “House Party” and “Body Like A Back Road” come from so there is more of that lighthearted sentiment on some songs, and then there are some reflective songs to balance those out.”

Will “Sinning With You” be the new single? Will it be a different song? Will the album lean more traditional or more pop? At this point, it’s nearly impossible to tell. Sam has always been pretty mysterious when it comes to what he is doing musically.

However, as of right now, his website features nothing but the Abraham Lincoln quote “I walk slowly, but I never walk backwards” on the homepage.

So, feel free to read into that however you like.

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