Riley Green’s “Hard To Leave” Is A Good Ol’ Fashioned Baby-Maker

Riley Green‘s debut album, DIFFERENT ‘ROUND HERE, is finally HERE.

While fans have heard most of these songs already, there are some new ones, like “Hard To Leave” – it’s a good ol’ fashioned baby-maker.

Regarding the album, Riley said:

One of the best things I did was staying out of Nashville at first. While I love it there and am so grateful to have a place at the table – it was great to be able to first build a following by writing songs for the people I saw every week at home and on the road,” Riley said. “My family and the fans really helped mold me as a songwriter. That’s the cool thing about going back home and staying true to my roots. It’s a way to remember how I came up with some of these songs in the first place.”

Now, ladies and gentlemen, turn this one one, turn the lights down low, and get busy…

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock