Josh Turner’s Sound Engineer Was Killed In The Tour Bus Crash

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Such a heartbreaking story.

Josh Turner’s sound engineer, David Turner (64, not related to Josh), who has worked with Eddie Rabbitt, Patty Loveless, Tammy Wynette, Conway Twitty, Hank Jr. and more, was identified as the victim from the tour bus crash earlier this week.

According to WKRN, there were two people were ejected from the bus, David Turner and Production Manager Richard Lazarus, as the bus went flying off an embankment off a highway near Shandon, CA.

A friend, Jerry Slone, said Lazarus is in the ICU with a broken back, legs and a cracked chest bone.

“They were in the front lounge they noticed the bus started to sway, it felt like they were going off the road. It felt like we were in a 4 wheel drive truck for a second, he goes, and then we had a like a bounce. It was like we hit a real fast speed bump, he said and then the next thing you know we were airborne and I look and he goes I’m literally floating inside the bus as it’s airborne.”

The bus with Josh Turner was directly behind.

Turner has canceled the rest of his September shows following the tragedy.

RIP, David.

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