Pizza Hut & Cheez-It Team Up For Ultimate Drunk Snack – Dippable Stuffed Cheez-It Pizzas

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I’m here for it.

Cheez-It is teaming up with Pizza Hut to create the ultimate drunk food… stuffed Cheez-It pizzas. It’s basically a giant Cheez-It filled with cheese and pepperoni and then you get to dunk it in the sauce. Straight from the mind of a hungry stoner, right onto you kitchen table. Seriously though, I think Pizza Hut just got a bunch of college kids mega-baked and then said, “what do you have a taste for right now?”

Some kid said, “I wish I could get a pizza inside of this cheese cracker” and boom, they ran with it.

“We pride ourselves on being the go-to for unexpected pizza innovations, and I can’t think of a more badass partner than Cheez-It to bring our next original menu item to life,” said Marianne Radley, chief brand officer, Pizza Hut. “Not to mention, as fellow NCAA partners, this collab is the perfect way to kick off football season, combining America’s go-to gameday cravings into one next-level snack.”

Starting today, the Stuffed Cheez-It™ Pizza is available exclusively at Pizza Hut at the regular menu price of $6.49.

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