ISU Fan’s Busch Light College GameDay Sign Turns Into Viral Fundraiser For Iowa Children’s Hospital


After that disaster of an ending for Iowa State in the Cy-Hawk Game, this might be the only silver lining.

ISU grad Carson King showed up in Ames at 5:30am with a sign that read: “Busch Light needs replished. Venmo Carson-King-25.”

The game was supposed to start at 3:00pm, it didn’t end until much much later due to weather delays, but just a few seconds on ESPN’s College GameDay was all King needed to get this hilariously awesome beer money campaign off the ground.

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“I just thought as a joke, maybe I could make a sign asking for money to get some Busch Light.  You know, buy some lattes,” said King. “My mom was like ‘this is going to be a proud mom moment. My son is going to be begging for money for beer on national television.'”

As of right now, King has been sent over $10,000 in beer money donations, and aside from one case of Busch Light, he’s going to donate all of it to the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital in Iowa City, despite being a loyal ISU fan.

“Their hospital does great things for the state of Iowa. Both for Iowa State and the University of Iowa.  The wave is a huge thing now. Those kids are fighters and they deserve any chance they can get,” said King.

He will keep the account open until the end of the month, but, that’s not all… Busch and Venmo both have agreed to match whatever he comes up with. Right now, we’re looking at $30,000 and the month is barely half over. That’s a lot of Busch Lattes.

You know what to do people. Get that Venmo app out and help save a kid’s life. And then buy yourself a Busch Latte, you deserve it.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock