Alex Trebek Returns To Chemotherapy: “I Realize That There Is An End In Sight For Me, Just Like Everyone Else”

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This sucks…

Just when it seemed like things were looking up for Alex in his battle with Stage IV pancreatic cancer, things have now taken a substantial turn for the worse. In an update just last month, Alex said he was done with chemotherapy, however he announced yesterday that he will be returning once again to treatment.

In a recent interview, he detailed his struggle with Good Morning America’s TJ Holmes.

“I lost about 12 pounds in a week and my numbers went sky-high, much higher than they were when I was first diagnosed. So, the doctors have decided that I have to undergo chemo again. So that’s what I’m doing.”

He then dove into the heartbreaking part, admitting that his death was more than likely imminent, but that he wasn’t about to start living his life like it was ending.

“I realize that there is an end in sight for me, just as there is for everyone else. One line that I have used with our staff in recent weeks and months is that when I do pass on, one thing they will not say at my funeral is, ‘Oh, he was taken from us too soon.'” Trebek said. “Hey guys. I’m 79-years-old. I’ve had one hell of a good life. And I’ve enjoyed it … the thought of passing on doesn’t frighten me, it doesn’t. Other things do, the affect it will have on my loved ones … it makes me sad. But the thought of myself moving on, hey folks, it comes with the territory.”

To this day, one of my favorite pastimes is heading over to Burton’s Place, a local dive here in Chicago, grabbing an afternoon beer with Steve, and watching Jeopardy. Both of us screaming at the TV with the old bartender, the occasional tourist, and the resident alcoholics. It’s a great time.

Keep on fighting Alex.

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