Luke Bryan Makes Love To Camera With Full Crotch Shot During “Dust On The Bottle” Performance

When they say “make love to the camera,” they don’t actually mean “make love to the camera.” 

But that didn’t stop Luke Bryan the other night…

This past weekend, at the Blossom Music Center in Cleveland, Ohio, Luke Bryan, Cole Swindell and Jon Langston took the stage for another one of their full throttle performances of David Lee Murphy’s 1994 hit single “Dust On The Bottle.”

It was complete anarchy from the beginning. You had Luke shaking it like a mad man, firing up the ladies, boxing out Jon Langston from getting to the front of the stage, and even whispering in Cole’s ear while he was trying to sing his verse. It was complete madness and the crowd was loving every second of it.

But then, Luke turned it up a notch. While Cole was mid-verse, Luke grabbed the front-of-stage camera man right by the lens and gave the crowd even more than they bargained for with a full frontal close up of his cash and prizes. Naturally, the entire area erupted.

You never know what might happen at Luke Bryan show. One minute he’s singing “Dust On The Bottle” and the next, you’re getting up close and personal with his junk.

And, make sure to watch Jon Langston’s reaction. Pretty sure he was stunned for about 5-10 seconds…

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