Guy Hilariously Breaks Down This Fight Between Zack Morris and AC Slater

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I was always more of Boy Meets World guy, but when it comes to classic shows from the early ’90s, Saved By The Bell is near the top of the class.

Yesterday, comedy writer Mike Camerlengo recalled an event that shook all of Bayside High School 27 years ago to the day. We’re talking about the infamous hallway fight between Zack Morris and AC Slater. Mike brilliantly breaks down the entire altercation, second by second, providing insightful commentary and actually some pretty useful knowledge to remember if you ever find yourself throwing hands in a high school hallway.

From the initial stare down, to first punches, all the way to Mr. Belding putting the kibosh on the whole thing, you’re not going to see a fight breakdown like this anywhere else.

A+ work.

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