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Tim McGraw Takes Over The Whiskey Riff Road Trippin’ Playlist

Summer is winding down and we’re looking to squeeze every last drop out of it while we still can. What’s the best way to close it out with bang? An end of the summer road trip.

You and all your rowdy friends pack into one truck, stock up on drinks and snacks, and hit the open road destined to make one last memory before we close the book on Summer 2019. And, as everybody already knows, your road trip is only as good as the soundtrack behind it.

Thankfully, we have Tim McGraw’s expertly curated “End Of Summer Drive Playlist” here to do the work for us. With his newly released cover of The Cars’ 1984 hit “Drive” leading the way, Tim delivered us 112 songs, nearly 8 hours of open road anthems, guaranteed to make your end of summer road trip unforgettable.

“I love finding cover songs for my albums…we’ve done “Suspicions,” “Tiny Dancer,” and “Stars Go Blue.” For the next album, I really wanted to find something cool and unique. “Drive” was one we covered in bars back in the day. It still reminds me of going on road trips in high school and taking in the last days of summer.”

Here’s a collection of some of Tim’s other favorite end of summer road trips songs.


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